Yeoman generator for sample angular crud application

Hi Friends,

I have distributed one generator for Angular CRUD application. This application can be stretched out to accommodate your need. Numerous a period I found that at whatever point I am testing or composing any new application, I need fundamental muck thing first set up. Furthermore, this is somewhat reiteration of same things, consequently chose to offload this stuff with some nonexclusive utility. Subsequently, chose to distribute the equivalent on npm as yeoman generator. You can refer the same

You need to have yeoman globally installed first. After that you can install the generator globally like

npm i -g generator-sample-crud-angular

This will install the generator globally, then you can implement the same using below command.

 yo sample-crud-angular:application

Having entered all the info, it will start installing all the required dependencies like shown below.

Once it installed successfully, you will see final screen message like this.

After that when you open code, it will appear like this.

Now, you can run the app using ng serve

It will launch the application on the given port. In this case, it will be 4300.


Here, when you click on the New Employee button, it will create a new form like shown below.

Very generic stuff, nothing fancy. Only thing is it can save your time righting everything from scratch. I hope you would have liked this generator. Thanks for joining me.

Rahul Sahay
Happy Coding

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