Windows 10 Setup and Its features

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Today, in this section, we will talk about Windows 10 Upgrade. On my 2ndry machine, I have been already running windows 10 evaluation copy. But, after official release, i upgraded my OS version. There are bunch of ways to achieve the same. But, i chose to jump the line and install the same explicitly. I have done the same by using Media Creation Tool. you can download the same here (Download Link). There is also a very good note about the upgrade on Verge link. This upgrade takes around 30-40 minutes, depends on your internet bandwidth.

Once the installation completed. You will experience perfect silky experience. Here, is my desktop page & start page



Let us consider, you want to navigate to some specific task, then you can do the same as shown below:-



You can also search the web quickly with new Microsoft Edge browser.




Like this there are many other things which you can refer @ emulator

I hope you will enjoy the windows 10 journey. Thanks for joining me.

Rahul Sahay
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Thanks, Rahul Happy Coding