Must have tools for Angular developers

In this section, thought to share bunch of tools, which I am using on regular basis while writing any angular app.

Angular CLI

Off course, Number one tool for Angular which provides scaffolding is Angular CLI. The Angular CLI is developed by Angular team which makes life easy for developers by scaffolding all the required components to bootstrap any angular app.


It will be nice if you get the documentation by default rather writing everything manually. I have already talked in one of mine blogposts about the same. You can find more details here


Codelyzer is one of the most important development tool during angular development. Its static analysis and ability to validate code against official Angular Style guide is unique. This is one of the features which makes codelyzer unique.

Angular Snippets by John Papa

I have been using snippet bundle from john papa since beginning. His snippet bundle made angular development very easy and fast.

These are the primary tooling which I have been using while building any angular App.

Rahul Sahay
Happy Coding

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