Getting Started with Angular Console

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In this section, we will talk about angular console from nrwl team. You can download the exe from This is fairly easy, easy to use console experience for everyone like for experienced developers or for beginners. Simple advantage of using this is you know you don’t need to remember CLI commands always rather than you can GUI help to fix it for you. Having said that, let’s get started. Here you can download your own version say

And then, this will come like this

Here, you will see three tabs which is self explanatory. However, lets get started with create one. Here first of all, I need to select the parent directory like shown below.

After that, I will set my workspace name like shown below

Lastly, I will select my schematics name like shown below.

Here, there are two options. First one is the default angular one and 2nd one is from nrwl team. Now, 2nd option will be useful, if I am going to create multi-spa kind of solution. I have also discussed about nx workspace in earlier post, you can refer here Now, I can go ahead and create the same.

As you can see, it started scaffolding project with required settings.

Now, from here I can serve, test, build, generate component.  I can also see E2E option as well. let’s try building the application.

By the time, I clicked on build option, it asked few options like default build or prod version. Let’s get started with default build. I just enabled aot and watch mode.

And then I clicked on run button. It produced me below output.

Now, similarly I can check test cases like shown below.

Similarly, I can run the project like

Now, If I run the same, it will produce below output.

Now, if I go in port 4200, then it will come like this.

Fairly simple right. Now, I can go ahead and open the project in code as well like shown below.

This is one of the great tools for beginners’ specially. Thanks for joining me.

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