Getting Started with Angular CLI

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In this section, I am going to talk about ANGULAR CLI ( This is fairly simple way to get started with Angular 2 Development.


Therefore, in order to get started with CLI commands. Obviously, we need to run few commands, they are:-


Let me explain the same step-by-step:-

With NPM command, first I initiated installation of Angular CLI.




Once, the same gets installed, it will show the above tree kind of structure. Thereafter, I created new app as shown below.


Once, the same gets created successfully, then it will show the below confirmation message.


After that, in order to launch the app, just need to use serve command as shown below.


With the above command, this will prompt for firewall access for first time, depending on your security settings. Then, it will display below confirmation message.


Now, when I navigate to http://localhost:4200/

It will produce below output.


Also, when I open the app, with Code, it will show below structure and codebase.

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This one is generated on updated Angular-2 stuff. Hence, no worries. I hope you would have liked this discussion, in order to get started with Angular-CLI. Thanks for Joining me.

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