Hi Friends,

Recently, I was trying to code online itself. Although, plnkr is there. But, as far as VSCode like experience is concerned, other editors lags heavily. And, let’s suppose you are remote or may be you don’t have access to vscode and wanted to quickly present any demo or prototype any solution. How do you do that?

Well to address this kind of scenario, Stackblitzis there.

Few features are listed below.

  • Intellisense, Project Search (Cmd/Ctrl+P), Go to Definition, and other key VS Code features.
  • Hot reloading as you type.
  • Import NPM packages into your project.
  • Keep editing while offline thanks to our revolutionary in-browser dev server.
  • Hosted app URL where you can see (or share) your live application at any time.

Another best part is I can import any of my github projects which is compatible with either Angular, React or Ionic. In order to do that, we can say like{UserName}/{Repo_Name}. Below I have imported one of git projects.


I hope you would have liked this tooling option. Thanks for joining me.

Rahul Sahay
Happy Coding