Setting up VM (Virtual Machine) with Visual Studio 14

Hi Friends,

In today’s discussion, I’ll show you how to set up a VM. A VM is nothing but an image of original machine what we use on daily basis. So, while configuring the same, you will select the machine configuration like Cores and Memory apart from the inbuilt software which you are installing. Below i have jotted down the steps, how to setup a VM for installing Visual Studio 14.

Since, I have an Azure subscription, so let me go ahead and create one Custom VM for me. So, let’s go ahead and login into . Once you logged in successfully, you will land in dashboard page as shown below in the screen shot.


So, here as you can see in the left menu bar, I have already created one VM with Visual Studio 14. But, let me go ahead and show you the steps at least how to create the same. This is very simple, you need to click on Virtual Machines link in the menu and then click on “New” button at the bottom of the page as shown below.


Now, as soon as you create on New button, it will open a new page with different options as shown below


Then, I’ll select create a VM “From Gallery”. Then, this will again list me further options as shown below


Now, it listed me many options with which I can go ahead and create my Virtual Machine. However, in here I’ll be selecting Visual Studio from the left pane as highlighted. Upon clicking on this, it will give me Visual Studio 14 option as shown below in the screen shot.


Now, when I click on next, then it will ask me usual details like username and password and some other details like VM configuration related stuffs as shown below in the screen shot.


Now, since I have already created my VM, so I’ll close this here itself and login to my VM itself. In order to connect to the VM, you need to dashboard page, select the VM and then from the bottom of the page say connect as shown below in the screen shot.


Now, as soon as you click on this icon, it will download a utility to connect you to your remote machine. So, here this utility will ask for your username and password which you have provided by creating the VM. Upon Successful authentication, it will launch the Virtual Machine as shown below in the screen shot.


Now, here when you click on the desktop icon, it will show Visual Studio Icon on the desktop itself as shown below in the screen shot.


So, with these many steps we have successfully configured our VM with Visual Studio installed. Now, to know more in depth for the upcoming version MVC 6, refer my book which is scheduled to be launched in few weeks of time. Till then stay tuned and Happy Coding.