Entity Framework :- Database first approach

Hi Friends, Today, in this section we’ll see how Database first approach works with Entity framework. The idea behind using the existing database and create a new entity model which will interact with EF designer. So, starting with this i’ll start with class library as my data project just to make sure the same can … Read more

Factories and Services in Angular.

Hi friends, Now, we’ll see factories and services in detail and how to use the same in Angular’s context. basically this is one of the features in angular which is going to encapsulate data functionality into factories and services. so, let’s suppose i have to fetch all employees data, and i need those data into … Read more

Routes in Angular

Hi Friends, Now in this section we’ll discuss more about routes it’s roles and how in SPA app, routes are key ingredient. Below is a sample snapshot of sample SPA app. So, we have when View1 is clicked, @ that instant may be there is another view which is having link on 1st view like “/View1”. so,this … Read more

Modules in Angular JS

Hi Friends, Now in this section we’ll see how modules can actually be used to create other things like controllers, routes, factories and services, and then how all this fits together.   so, basically the above diagram is the simplified version of angular that how angular really fits different things together to produce a big … Read more

Views, Controllers and Scope in Angular

Hi friends, In this section we will see that how Views, Controllers and Scope are tied together. Scope is basically another term for ViewModel. In angular, we term it as scope. If i have to summarize scope, it’s basically a pipeline between view and controller. The way it works like we have a view, so … Read more

Angular unleashed

As mentioned already, in my last blog that Angular is really a full-featured SPA framework. It performs various operations underneath. Some of the basic operations like Two-way data binding. Model-View-Controller. Routing of the Views. Testing. DOM manipulation jQLite is built-in which is kind of lighter version of jQuery. However, if you want to use more advanced … Read more

Filtering an ASP.NET GridView control with jQuery

Hi Friends, This is one more story which i would like to share. some time back when i was working on web application and requirement was like wherein you need to filter the grid on the client side, so that page could be more responsive even on different kinds platforms. i figured out this cool … Read more

Javascript is the bacbone of web programming!

Hi there, This is one of the important point that one must understand Javascript is the backbone of web programming. There are so many Javascript Frameworks available in web world. But, the one which i like most is the Angular.JS. AngularJS truly in my opinion is an awesome framework. Once I started doing all the things … Read more

Query String A Nightmare – Beware

Hi Friends, Recently i was going through one problem which appeared in the production, a kind of weird one i must say, where in user has to rate the product on a scale of 1 to 10 and one malicious user just tried to trick the url. what he done is just replaced the rating … Read more

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