Hi Friends,

I was just trying my hands with recently launched CTP version of Visual Studio 14, which is featuring MVC 6 scheduled to launch next year. Changes in MVC 6 are pretty awesome. Some of the cool things which i liked it’s Roslyn compilation, which makes MVC experience much more Agile. What i mean to say, you save your changes in the controller and just refresh the same in the browser, it will take effect without building the solution again. Now, there are many more exciting stuffs of MVC 6 which i’ll discuss in coming days. But, for now if you want to do some hands on with MVC 6, don’t install VS 14 on your working machine, because your existing VS may start behaving weirdly. How, i did this, i configured one VM for me on Azure with Visual Studio 14  and there i did all the experiments.

While doing the same, i hosted the site on Azure as well just for fun. It can be navigated from ““. Till then stay tuned and happy coding.

Happy Coding