Migrating Systemjs-gulp based angular app to angular 6

Disclaimer:- This blog is only useful for those whose angular application is still based on old system-js-gulp example.

Hi Friends,

In this blog, we will continue from the last last post. In last post, we have migrated a normal angular 5 app built on top of webpack to angular 6. That was kind of cake-walk as ng update normally takes care of all the things. Details you can always find in my last post at http://bit.ly/ng-6. Therefore, after the usual steps as covered in the last blog, when I build my app. It gave typescript error and this was expected because I didn’t run Rx-migaration till now. For that first we need to install npm install -g rxjs-tslint. If you are on gulp-systemjs based solution. Then after that, you may get below error.

For fixing these, I need to do below changes. Here is finished file.

Package.JSON changes:-

System JS changes Here I basically added operators exclusively in the reference. Finished file you can find below.

And lastly, I have made changes in gulp file

With the above changes in place. Now, my app loads fine and works well.

Thanks for joining me.

Rahul Sahay,
Happy Coding

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