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In this section, I’ll introduce you with one of my favorite tools i.e. Linqpad. you can download the same from This is extensive tool for .NET programmers. LINQPAD is The .NET Programmer’s Playground. Here, you can do bunch of stuffs like executing LINQ query against SQL, Azure, XML, any object or against any other database. You can add your SQL connection like shown below.



As you can see in the below screen shot, I have simply pulled the movies from my movie review db.


Then, If i have to see the relationship between the tables, then i can simply go ahead and click on the highlighted link shown in the table above. Like in this case, when i clicked on “MovieReviews”, it produced the below result.


Behind the scenes it also generated the actual SQL statement as shown below in the screen shot.


You can also execute SQL statement as shown below in the screen shot. only thing you need to change here is the language from the dropdown.


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