Javascript is the bacbone of web programming!

Hi there,

This is one of the important point that one must understand Javascript is the backbone of web programming. There are so many Javascript Frameworks available in web world. But, the one which i like most is the Angular.JS. AngularJS truly in my opinion is an awesome framework. Once I started doing all the things piece by piece then it made sense to me. I think this is one of the coolest framework in SPA(Single Page App) world. With new inclusion of frameworks; sometimes you can catch it instantly when you learn it, and other times you don’t.

With this I started loving the piece instantly. Hence, decided to blog about angular. I am also working on one small assignment which will put all the pieces of Angular together  like

DataBinding, MVC, Routing, Testing, jqlite, Templates, History, Factories, ViewModel, Controllers, View, Directives, Services, Dependency Injection and Validation.

so, quite often these are basic challenges while making any SPA application. and if one core library if going to provide all the things in it then it is worth to spend time to learn this framework.

so, stay tuned in my next session we’ll talk more about angular.


Thanks, Rahul Happy Coding