iTunes Store using Angular 4

Hi Guys,

Thought to share one small application built with Angular 4 CLI. Here, I was checking few Apple APIs. And then realized, since its a public API, hence something can be built around that using Angular 4. Therefore, built a little Angular App using that.

Let’s check the features of the app. Once you log-in @, you will see the below UI.

Here, either you can click on image or directly click on Search menu at the top, it will take you to the Search page like shown below.

Here, I can search any song or artist. Now, let’s say I search with Michael Jackson. It will fetch me top 20 results, as I limited the results to 20 only.

Here, when I click on any tracks, it will list me two sub menus or from angular terms you can think of this as child routes or nested routes as shown below.

By default, this will land in Tracks menu. When you click on Album, it will present album view like shown below.

Now, If I click on any of these link, it will take me that album/track page like shown below.

And from here, I can listen to any tracks of this album. Although this is pretty small angular app example, but kind of neat. Now, let’s look at code structure.

You can access the code at I hope you would have liked this post. In the next section, we will continue with other stuff. Till then stay tuned and Happy Coding.

Rahul Sahay
Happy Coding