HTML5 layout elements and their descriptions

Hi Friends,

I Have posted few of the important HTML 5 components. These are the few elements which we have been using on daily basis in our day to day development. These are the few settings which i am using during my MVC development.  so, i thought to share few of the setting name and it’s illustration.

Element Description
<article> Marks a section of the page that holds independent content
<aside> Holds content that is related in some fashion to the surrounding content
<figcaption> A tag used inside the <figure> tag that contains the caption for the figure
<figure> Defines an illustrative figure
<footer> Defines a footer for an HTML document or section
<header> Defines a header for an HTML document or section
<nav> Defines the section of the page, generally the set of links, that are used to navigate within the application
<section> Contains a group of content that is related; much like a chapter of a book

so, for the time being that’s it. so, in the next post we’ll discuss something new. Till then, stay tuned and Happy coding.

Happy Coding