Hands On with ASP.Net MVC – Book Promo

Hi Friends,

As i said, since couple of months i was working on my book “Hands-On With ASP.Net MVC“; which is completed now and scheduled to be launched by August end 2014. So, I thought it would be good idea to showcase the small book promo for the same. In this book, i have not only covered the foundations of ASP.Net MVC, rather build a case study “Movie-Review” right from the scratch. At every stage, you will get complete demo. It also covers other important aspects like Data modeling using Entity Framework, LINQ, Ajax usage, security implications and it’s resolutions, Unit Testing, caching, Deployment to IIS and Azure…. and many more things. Bonus package of this book is MVC 6; so this will be the 1st book which will give you end to end knowledge of building an application and running live on CLOUD.

Now, this book will be available for sell on all the leading portals like Amazon, Flipkart etc… as it is getting launched in 75 countries at one shot. Also, it will be available in all the formats. I’ll be shortly sharing all the urls for the same. Also, I’ll be selling the ebooks from my site itself in discounted price.

Facebook Url:- https://www.facebook.com/BlogsByRahulSahay

Till then stay tuned and Happy coding.

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