Docker for .Net and Angular Developers

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In today’s section, I am going to talk about my new course and this time its Online Course available on Udemy with title “Docker for .Net and Angular Developers”. I have made this 5.5 hours of video course keeping our day to day enterprise work in Mind. I have put the detailed outline below.

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Docker is one of the key aspects of software development process.

If you are planning to write distributed apps aka Microservices app, docker is one of the must have ingredient here. This course starts from blank slate. No prior knowledge is required. During the learning journey, you will get to learn below things:

  • Docker Introduction
  • Docker File Creation
    • Hosting simple HTML Files
    • Hosting Complex Sites
  • Docker Commands
    • docker build
    • docker run
    • docker ps
    • docker start
    • docker stop
    • docker rm
    • docker rmi
    • removing all images and containers via script
  • More Docker Commands
    • docker pull
    • docker push
    • docker inspect
    • docker stats
    • docker logs
  • Docker File Overview
    • Docker File Instructions
    • Docker File overview for DotNet App
    • Docker File overview for Angular App
  • Running Dotnet and Angular projects with docker
    • Console app STDIN example
    • Console app run
    • CMD vs Entrypoint
    • Running ASP.NET Core in container
    • Verifying files in container
    • Debugging Docker Container
    • Running Angular app in container
    • Verifying files in angular container
    • Creating Docker Compose file
    • Running Docker Compose
  • Docker Networking
    • Introduction
    • Bridge
    • None
    • Host
    • Listing all networks
    • Inspecting containers
    • Inspecting networks
    • DNS Server
    • Associating containers with network
    • Creating custom network
  • Containerizing SQL Server
    • Creating SQL Server container
    • Connecting Dotnet app with SQL container
    • Adding Docker Compose
    • Working without volume
    • Creating Volume
    • Verifying data after container shutdown
  • HTTPS Setup
    • Sample project creation
    • Docker file creation
    • Running on HTTP
    • Dev Cert creation
    • Running the container with HTTPS
  • Project Tye
    • Tye Introduction
    • Tye build
    • Tye run
    • Creating Frontend App using Razor Template
    • Creating Backend App using Web API Template
    • Adding Service Discovery
    • Tye Run with Backend and Frontend Projects
    • Adding Redis
    • Tye Run with Redis
  • Pushing Images to DockerHub and Azure Container Registry (ACR)
    • Pushing images on DockerHub
    • ACR Creation
    • Pushing images to ACR
    • Deploying containers to Azure Container Instances (ACI)
    • Another way of deploying containers to ACI
    • Deploying Angular App with ACI endpoint
    • Deploying container to web app
  • CI/CD pipeline using Github Actions
    • Github Actions introduction
    • Creating first workfile
    • Adding Docker login step for ACR
    • Adding Docker build and push step
    • Running the workfile
    • SQL Server container preparation
    • Created SQL server container on Azure
    • Publishing database to container instance on Azure

This is the detailed outline of the course. Also, this course will receive regular updates as and when new technology upgrade happens either on dotnet side or angular or docker side.

I hope you will enjoy the course and content thoroughly. Feedback appreciated. Kindly rate me high on this. Your feedback and rating motivates me to create more enterprise friendly and polished content.

Happy Learning

Rahul Sahay
Happy Coding
Apply Coupon to buy in discounted price:- 4AB0D94B3C8A008854A4