Debugging with production DLL

Hi Friends,

In today’s session, i will just share one of the debugging tips where in you have limited access to the box. Recently, for one requirement i promoted my code and that gets promoted to production and then tester approached me and said your change is not working. I said not possible, as i can prove the point with the same code running in my local box. But, error was there and it was not working in prod. So, what i did is requested for the DLL deployed in prod environment. And i tried below steps to reproduce the same locally.

1) 1st i replaced the same dll in my local box with the prod version and then it banged and gave me proper CLR Exception as shown below, at this point i proved that code is not deployed.


2) 2nd, I went one step ahead and compared my local box DLL with prod box. This also proves the point.



so, the idea is stay confident and prove confidently. Thats it.

Rahul Sahay
Happy Coding

Thanks, Rahul Happy Coding