Client-side v/s Server-side processing

Hi Friends,

In Today’s discussion, we’ll see when to choose Client Side Processing on Server side processing. Basically, Choosing between client- and server-side processing seems straightforward many a time. Client-side processing makes the most sense when the work being done stays completely on the client. Factors to take into account when considering client-side versus server-side are application performance, user experience, and business requirements. Application performance is important because there will always be some latency when connecting over the Internet. Validation on the client side, enhances performance by eliminating transactions calls which may fail validation. Heavily used sites can increase performance by lowering the server’s load. However, be careful not to sacrifice security for speed. You shouldn’t completely replace server-side checking with client-side validation. With only client-side validation, there is still a chance of bad data getting to the server and entering the business process.

A best practice is to put validation on both sides—on the client side to provide a responsive UI and lower the bandwidth cost, and on the server side to act as a gateway to ensure that the input data is valid.
As you consider client- and server-side processing, remember that it is not one or the other; you can do both on a single user request. Also, some decisions you make on the client side might need to be replicated on the server side as well.

So, conclusion is both actually compliments each other and pretty much needed for any robust application. Will meet again with some other discussion. Till then stay tuned and Happy Coding.