Calling All Coders: Bing Code Search Arrives

Hi Friends,

In Today’s blog i just wanna to share one new technique which is been implemented by Microsoft team in their 2013 edition of Visual Studio, where in you can do Live Code Search while writing the code in the editor itself. let’s suppose you are writing some program, but you are missing some sort of syntactic sugar or How Do I Steps, then in that case after installing Add in, if you trigger Intellisense, then this will give you How Do I option as the 1st option, when you select the same, it will open a new editor with Bing embedded in the editor, so, here when you type your query, it will search the more relevant snippet based on your project context.


Video Link:-

So, with this I would Like to wrap, Till then stay tuned and happy Coding.

Happy Coding

Thanks, Rahul Happy Coding