Azure Active Directory

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In this section, we are going to discuss about Azure Active Directory. We will see how to

  • Create
  • upgrade to premium level and many other features.

Azure AD, is Microsoft preferred and recommended solutions for providing security solutions to your applications. And the concept is pretty simple. You register your application with Azure AD and then you can delegate User Id management like login, User Id, Password, Multi Factor Authentication etc to Azure AD. Off-course, this comes with a price but its pretty robust and follow all security standards. Its also known as Identity as service.

Let’s discuss some of the features.

  • One of the most used ones is like integration with on-premise AD. Concept os single sign-on comes handy in this case. It means users already have user id and password with their organization accounts which is managed by their on-premises in active directory server; So, Azure AD synchronizes with your on premise server so that users already have the identity can use the identity in cloud.

  • In a nutshell, Azure AD gives big advantage to existing users.
  • There also developers tools present so that you can register your application. You can use the roles and various things which can be setup within AD and you don’t need to code much of these, as you just need to delegate this to azure.
  • Azure AD does work with external users, so even if you have on-premise AD and your employees are covered by that. You don’t need to add those users who are non employees. There are many different ways like how we can work with external users. We will cover this in detail, in coming section.


  • Here, is the pricing portal where in you can see different Azure AD categories.


Creating Azure Directory

  • Let’s create an Azure Active Directory. Just search for Azure Active Directory, in the marketplace, and you will land on the below page.


  • Now, click on create, It will drop below form.


  • Its, very simple to create an Azure AD, you just give a name, organization name which is ending with a domain name ending with, pick a region. Then, azure will create an empty, free azure active directory.


  • Once, the same gets created, it will look like


  • Here, I have masked Tenant ID purposely.
  • The basic concepts around azure active directory will be around users, groups and roles.
  • Then, you can add applications into the active directory, and they can be assigned roles.
  • Users or guest users can be added users link.
  • Those users can be then grouped into roles. Let’s say, I can have clients group and then add members into that.

In the next section, we will continue from here only and see more minute details about Azure AD. Till then stay tuned and Happy Coding.

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