Azure Access Keys


In this section, we will continue from the last post and see how to configure access keys in azure.

  • In order to talk about this, I will modify the network and make it public.



  • This way, we can access from public networks or in simple words our laptops. Now, let’s talk about shared access signature.


  • Here, I have masked the same. Connection string is already having access key embedded in it.
  • Having two keys allows you to switch the keys without breaking your applications.
  • Shared access signatures is an alternative to access keys. In case of access keys, client will have full permissions. But, with shared access signatures, you can restrict this behavior.


  • image


  • And, if you notice at the bottom, we are signing this with access key.
  • Now, I will click on the button “Generate SAS and connecting string”.


  • Let’s copy File SAS URL in the browser. It gave me below output.


  • This didn’t work because I haven’t supplied key to it. However, when you supply the same with key, it will work.
  • One point to note here that if you revoke your access keys, then you have regenerate the SAS with new key, else it will become invalid.

Thanks for joining me. Stay tuned for next update.

Rahul Sahay
Happy Coding