Terraform with Microsoft Azure

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In this section, thought to start a discussion on the lines of Infrastructure as code aka IAC. This is something which is not new with code-base which we generally maintain to write our application logic. We generally keep our code base in GIT, BitBucket or any other source control. This helps a lot in terms of sharing code across teams, merging their PRs etc.

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Encrypting Virtual Machine


This is the continuation of Azure Learning Series. In this section, we will cover encryption of virtual machines. Having said that, let’s get started.

  • File in azure storage account are by default encrypted using secure storage encryption.
  • But, once you able to see storage with .vhd account, that is not encrypted.
  • You can use bitlocker in order to encrypt virtual disk within azure.
  • Cryptography key for this is going to be stored in azure key vault.
  • Therefore, first thing we need to create is key vault from market place in azure.

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ARM Templates

This is continuation azure series. Although, I have started the series on my medium blog https://medium.com/@rahulsahay19, I am moving the same here in my word-press blog as I find managing and grouping is much easier here than on medium. Earlier posts, you can view medium itself. Also, new posts will also available as part of cross posts. But, this will be primary blog.

In this section, we will be discussing automation for the deployment of virtual machines. Within MS Azure, automation is usually done using ARM template aka Azure Resource Manager model which is the modern way of deploying resources into azure. The opposite of ARM is ASM aka classic deployment model, which we don’t use any more.

Let’s start this process for the deployment of Virtual Machine. Normally, whenever we deploy any VM, its deployment page appear like this

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Identity Governance in Azure – 1st Part

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In this section, I will talk about Identity Governance in Azure.

  • Identity Governance is the place from where we can do things like access reviews. We can search this in marketplace and we will get the service. One point to note here, that this feature is only available for EMS E5 or P2 level like shown below. Hence, in order to use the same, we first need to enable this trial version.

  • Access Reviews are basically meant to re-certify any user who is already having access or to grant any new access to any user.

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