ASP.NET Identity Including ASP.NET Core

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In this section, I thought to introduce my another book on ASP.NET Identity. This is extremely important topic, which developer often skips. This book not only gives complete overview of how to get started with Identity, rather here you will learn bits and pieces about Identity in detail. Most important thing with Identity is customization and understanding usage of the same.


Brief detail about the book:-


Chapter 1: Introduction to ASP.NET Identity

What is ASP.NET Identity?

Supports provided by ASP.NET Identity

Single Sign On


Katana & OWIN




Startup code walkthrough

Identity code walkthrough

Account controller walkthrough


Chapter 2: Customizing ASP.NET Identity

Scripting Database

How Authorization Works?

Customizing Database

Customizing Tables and Classes

Using NoSQL Storage


Chapter 3: Customizing Authentication with Identity

What is OAuth?

How Identity use OAuth?

Integrating with other Providers

Integrating with Azure Active Directory


Chapter 4: Customizing Authentication with Identity – 2nd Part

What is Two Factor Authentication?

How Two Factor Authentication works?


Two Factor Authentication using Twilio

Account Lockout Scenario

Email Verification

Password Recovery

Sign Out Scenario


Chapter 5: Authentication in ASP.NET Core

Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core

Configuring OAuth in ASP.NET Core

Setting Policy and Claims

Adding Custom Policy




About the book: –


ASP.NET Identity is a membership system which allows user to add login functionality in their applications. Users can create an account and login with a user name and password or they can use an external login providers such as Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Google …. One can configure ASP.NET Identity to use a SQL Server database to store user names, passwords, and other related Identity stuffs. Alternatively, you can use your own persistent store to store data in another persistent storage, such as Azure Table Storage.

In this book, you will get to know ASP.NET Identity right from the scratch and you will also learn how to customize the auto-generated code or tables as per application need. Here, you will also learn how to work with Middleware and configure the same accordingly. Apart from relational database like SQL-Server, you will also learn how to work with NO-SQL like raven db and use the same in application development. Last chapter is dedicated to ASP.NET Core. Here, you will experience how to setup authentication in ASP.NET Core templates. Here, you will also learn how to work with claims and policies.

Note:- This is kindle edition. Hence, you need to download free app from amazon either for PC or mobile or mobile device, then you need to download the book there.


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