VirtualPath was Outside the current application root

Hi Friends,

In Today’s discussion, i just like to share one quick solution for the below shown scenario.


Basically, what happened, I was merging couple of applications under one solution and then, while launching the app from IIS, I faced this issue. When, i delved further and inspected the issue, I found that Enable-Browser-Link as shown below was enabled. What this link will do, this will automatically compile your source code and will pick the stuffs and refresh the same in browser. This feature is suggested, if you are running your app from IIS Express. You can find more about this feature here @ 


Hence, if you open the highlighted link, by default it will be enabled.


This setting was causing the issue. Hence, in order to fix the same. Just Uncheck this link, save and refresh, app will work as Expected.

Rahul Sahay
Happy Coding