Angular 2 Features in a nutshell

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In today’s discussion, we will see the glimpse of Angular 2 in a nutshell. Angular 2 is getting released coming December 2015. This release is going to bring some major path breaking changes like major performance improvements and feature enhancements. In more than 400 commits, Google has fixed more than 100 bugs and added around 30 additional features. These stats are just the initial stats and final list will have many more features. However, I thought it would be great, if I can provide a brief snapshot around the same. AngularJS 2 is for mobile apps. It is for desktop as well, but major focus is on mobile. With this, let us go ahead and look at the complete list of features.


  • Mobile First: – Angular Team, at ng-conf made it clear they will go for mobile first approach. I think this is bold and brilliant step around that. These days, demand is very adaptive. Hence, if you can fit perfectly in mobile environment then I think desktop apps will be cakewalk.
  • Loosely Coupled Modules: – Angular Team has been detaching from its several core versions now. At the same time, community started offering very interesting modules like ui-router. Both, angular team and community have successfully built an ecosystem, which keeps on increasing. You can find more details around the same @
  • Modern Browsers: – The set includes Chrome, Firefox, IE10/11, Opera, Safari and all latest mobile browsers support.
  • ECMA Script 6:- All code in AngularJS is written entirely in ES6. Since, ES6 don’t run in browsers today, hence google is testing the same using traceur-compiler to generate ES5 script which runs everywhere. Do not worry if you do not want to upgrade to ES6, you can still write entire angular 2 in ES5.
  • Change Detection: – Faster change detection is one key elements of Angular 2 design. The speed of AngularJS app is hugely dependent on data binding happening internally in the application. observe() is a low level API that let you add listener to be notified whenever a JavaScript object changes state. If you want to explore more about Change Detection, you can refer the link here.
  • Dependency Injection: – Dependency Injection is still a key differentiator between AngularJS and other client side frameworks in eliminating much of application’s wiring code and making testability-by-default. Based on ES6, it provides less complex syntax, declarative annotations and lazy loading.
  • Templating & Directives: – The ability to specify template directly in HTML and extend its syntax are like cakewalk in AngularJS. In Angular 2, this process has become more simplified. It also boosts performance.
  • Touch Animations: – Angular team is working on touch animations to make the performance on mobile devices much better than ever before. The main goal here is creating a module that implements usage patterns using native browsers features.
  • Router: – The initial angular router was designed just to handle simpler use cases. As AngularJS grew, Angular team added tons of new features to it to extend it further.
  • Persistence: – There was always a room between fetching the data from the server and fetching the data from local storage like from browser. Mobile apps need to work on the same lines. Angular team is working on the same to provide higher level of abstraction. Apart from these there are many other features which are getting added by angular team.

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