Year 2020 in Review

Hi Friends,

This year has come to end, hence thought to share yearly review. First of all, Happy New Year to all. This year has, we have witnessed many things which never happened before and we hope that, it won’t come back again. Things are looking good at the moment, economy is coming back in track. Hopefully, we will come out of this pandemic phase very soon. Hence, I borrowed this HOPE-2021 calendar pic from Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.

Github Contributions:- First of all I would like to share my Github streak for the whole year. This year, I have made 460 contributions in various tech stack say core, docker, kubernetes, azure, angular, javascript etc. Github Profile:-

Open Source Contributions:- I have also contributed to Microsoft open source project “Project Tye“.

Tye is a developer tool that makes developing, testing, and deploying microservices and distributed applications easier. Project Tye includes a local orchestrator to make developing microservices easier and the ability to deploy microservices to Kubernetes with minimal configuration.

Tye can:

  • Simplify microservices development by making it easy to:
    • Run many services with one command
    • Use dependencies in containers
    • Discover addresses of other services using simple conventions
  • Deploy .NET applications to Kubernetes by:
    • Automatically containerizing .NET applications
    • Generating Kubernetes manifests with minimal knowledge or configuration
    • Using the same conventions as development to keep it consistent

Certifications Completed:- This Year, I have also becomes Azure solution Expert by Writing AZ-300 and AZ-304. Below are the links for the same.

Awards:- This year I have achieved another milestone of 5 consecutive years of being MVP. Technically, its 6th year, but due to program change, its 5.


Books Published:- During the Year, I have also published a book with Apress with Title “Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Study Companion: Hands-on Preparation and Practice for Exam AZ-300 and AZ-303“.  This book covers all the minute details of how to get started with Azure and towards Architect journey as well.

Udemy Course:- Apart from that, I have also published one Udemy Course with title “Docker for .Net and Angular Developers“. This course is designed right from the scratch keeping .Net and Angular developers in mind. In this course, you will learn the following. Currently, sale is going on, in-case if you have any learning plans around the same stack, probably this will be right time to invest. Feedback is very important. Your feedbacks, make me feel more confident and come up with more crisp and to the point topic in future.

  • Build, test, debug and deploy .net and angular apps on docker while learning production-style development workflows
  • Create docker files for dotnet apps
  • Create docker files for angular apps
  • Create docker files for simple and complex html files
  • Containerize SQL server
  • Multi stage builds
  • Creating Docker Compose files
  • Volume creation
  • Network creation
  • HTTPS handling inside container
  • Project Tye – Microsoft tooling for containers and kubernetes
  • CI/CD setup with Github actions
  • Deploying containers on Azure container instances
  • Deploying containers on Azure web apps
  • Deploying containers on Azure container registry
  • Deploying containers on Dockerhub
  • And many more things, you will learn along.

Publicis Sapient:- After fruitful experience at Kongsberg Digital, I have joined Publicis Sapient on Dec 14 as Manager Technology/Architect.

Next Year Resolution:- This year I will be focusing completely on best practices around Cloud, Microservices. Apart from that, I will be also doing data intensive design wherein I will be designing apps using Big Data and other cousin technologies. Therefore, you can expect more write-ups around the same. With that, I would like to wrap this post here. Again, very happy new year in advance. See you next year.

Rahul Sahay
Happy Coding