Creating Objects in JavaScript

In this section, we will talk about another way, via which we can inherit prototypes. Here, I’ll be using Object.Create to use the same. In the last section, we have seen function constructor pattern to create objects from the blueprint. With that object.create() method, things work bit differently. In this case, we first define an object which will act as a prototype and then create a new object based on that very prototype.


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Prototype in JavaScript

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In this section, thought of talking Javascript objects and inheritance in Javascript. I see people often get confused like how to create objects out of class aka prototype and then use the same. JavaScript is prototype based language, which means inheritance can be used by something called prototype. It means each and every Javascript object has a prototype property which makes inheritance possible in Javascript. Therefore, inheritance is made possible via prototype property which every object has. The prototype property of an object is where we put methods and properties which we want other objects to inherit.

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No module files found error when trying to generate components

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In this post, I thought of addressing one of the errors which many of friends have been asking since few days. Actually, angular template under dotnet stack has been changed. For more info around the same, please refer my earlier post It means developers when used to execute angular template either via dotnet cli command or via yeoman generator, there used to be app.module.ts file. At this moment, when I try creating new component say ng g c movies, this will give below error.


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dotnet new with Angular, Aurelia, Knockout, React, Redux and Vue

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Thought to share new additions around dotnet cmd. I guess with these additions, this may be the perfect timing for building SPA (Single Page APP) with ASP.NET Core as backend and any of the below listed libraries as Front-end  choice.

  • Angular
  • Aurelia
  • Knockout
  • React
  • React and Redux
  • Vue

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