My Take from 2017, Plans for 2018

Hi Friends,

It’s time to say GoodBye to 2017 and greet 2018. However, in a nutshell, I would like to summarize what I have done in 2017 and what are the plans for 2018.


  • Don’t over burn yourself!
  • Make mistakes, and if it happens in public, then its good. Audience will get engaged, you will learn something new then
  • Don’t get anxious if something doesn’t workout your way.
  • Start as many projects you can, collaborate and contribute more!
  • Its good to accept negative criticism and avoid the same.
  • Accept and work on all the positive criticism.
  • Ask people about their thoughts on git, twitter, FB,
  • Pause and reflect at times.
  • Make sure your projects have good readme! I am yet to implement the same.
  • Invite friends to collaborate. Social Project.
  • If you like to send PR, send it, don’t wait.
  • Thank people who helped you, out loud.
  • Make some time for fun!
  • Pickup new stuff now and then, experiment a lot!
  • Never stop!

2018 Plans:

  • Angular Architecture
  • ES* Versions
  • Docker
  • BlockChain
  • AI
  • Python
  • TensorFlow

Here are some 2017 Trends!

15 Most Popular Languages


As you know, that whatever blog I write, I always open source code for that as well. Here is my github streak so far.

Here total 91 total repositories, 11 private and 80 Public. Apart from that 10 repositories where I contributed say core, JavaScript Services

Therefore, in my opinion JavaScript will be the key to success.

JavaScript future, I believe is very bright. If you look back, you can see that, there has been long period or dark ages for the language, where there is no improvement, no feature addition at all. Some of you, including myself experienced the same, where language is not moving anywhere. That time, it became language for only FrontEnd validation, that’s it. And, now we are in this period of rapid growth where expansion of language is multi-dimensional. And, there are ton of things have been added over the last couple of years.

So, let’s say, you didn’t write JavaScript for last 2-3 years, and suddenly started working on it, you will realize its not that old JavaScript at all. The very basic thing is like you don’t read any blog post these days without seeing arrow functions. Therefore, language is rapidly evolving. Those, who have been writing or teaching JavaScript, have to be on their toes, what is that mean after 6 months, whether the concept will remain or it will become obsolete.

Hence, learning curve is very steep and rapid here. So, those who are still thinking that you can ignore JavaScript and then progress they way you used to be, then it is not going to be the case.Hence, take away from this is, doesn’t matter which systems language you pick say C# or Java or any other language, JavaScript is must either-way.

Now, Let’s have a look at my Blog numbers. I usually like to share yearly once. That’s the country reach.

 Now, let’s look at blog numbers. Total its 1.6 Million as of today.

With this I would like to wrap, Happy New Year.

Rahul Sahay
Happy Coding