Config-less Hosting

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In this section, we will look at Config-Less Hosting.

WCF does not require config file. It only requires endpoint information. It does not matter which medium it is coming from. You can provide all these information from the code itself. You can get all mandatory information from some source say xml file or database to construct the endpoint. I will give the demo by simply hardcoding the same. Let us go to console hosting. Nevertheless, before making any change in code, let me just comment the config section for WCF in APP.config file. Below is the snippet in the finished state.

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WEB Hosting in WCF

In this section, we will discuss Web Hosting. Now, in case of Web-Hosting IIS is going to all our hosting. It instantiates and manages the ServiceHost instance automatically. One point to note here that IIS is limited to HTTP. Nevertheless, with the use of WAS (Windows Application Services) we can use other bindings as well. Without, WAS we are using IIS for external web services. In WCF, we used to require .SVC file for browsing point. However, with .NET 4.0 onwards this need has been eliminated. Now, the same thing can be achieved virtually with configuration itself that we will see in a moment.

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Hosting in WCF – Part 1

Hosting is the key ingredient to give life to your service. Without a host, service holds no meaning. Host is the application, which is responsible for listening the calls and then instantiating the service. WCF offers two types of hosting; one is called Web-Hosting which is there since web service days. Few artifacts about this is easy to setup, dependency on IIS and only supported protocol is HTTP. There is a catch involved in this. We will cover the same in coming section. Now, another hosting scenario is Self-Hosting. Self-Hosting covers any application. Any application can be host. It requires little bit of coding but gives very deeper control over your hosting. With this, you can setup custom hosting, which will feature rich. So, without wasting time let us get started.

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