Testing WEB-API using QUNIT JS

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I was just in between of my sample project, wherein I have just finished the backend design and I was writing the Client Side Test for Testing WEB-API, whether it is up and running. First of all, you need to install QUNIT  For MVC from nuget. Upon, installing the same, it will bring QUNIT related files in Content and Scripts folder. However, for my sake of interest, I have kept the same under one folder as shown below in the screenshot.

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C# Interactive

Hi Friends,

In this section, we will look at the C# Interactive Coding Window. This is the new feature added in VS 2015 Update 1. This is one of the coolest experimental thing to test your snippet quickly in the editor itself. First of all, In order to open the C# interactive, you need to navigate to View –> Other Windows –> C# Interactive as shown below in the snapshot.

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Getting Started with TypeScript – Part 11

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In this section, we are going to talk about Modules. Modules, keep the code separated. In many ways, it help users to keep the code neat and clean. It’s something like we are going to keep different unit of works in different placeholders or you say in different files. By separating the code out, it enhances the productivity immensely, like test-ability and re-usability enhances immensely. This way, your code not only appears robust, but it also follows good pattern like code-of-separation and solid. Now, we explicitly declare module with the name module itself. From C# perspective, you can also think modules as equivalent to namespaces.

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