Getting Live Data from Twitter and Storing in Azure Blob Storage

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In this section, I am going to talk about Logic Apps available in Azure. Here, I’ll be pulling Live data from twitter and dumping the same in Azure Blob Storage. You can do tons of things with these data, means you can get these data and apply Machine Learning on the same and many more things. You can also setup a simple .NET app where you can project the twitter data analysis region wise. By, the way this is not the app talk. This is just to showcase how to setup Logic Apps upfront in Azure.

As you can see in the below screen-shot, I am in azure portal. This is Preview portal. Here, you can see that I already have different resource groups.



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Prototyping JavaScript – Part 1

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I thought it would be nice to share some cool, good Java-script coding Practice. Recently, I attended one of my friend’s Native-Script conference (For more info around Native Script, read here There I found, people struggling with new kind of JavaScript syntax. I would recommend all web developers, prospective full stack developers, graduates, anyone, wherever writing any form of JavaScript code, make prototyping style in your DNA.

Let me give few examples around it. Below is the sample HTML and script. Code is very simple and self explanatory. However, to make it more clear, I have also put comments around the same. Also, while writing the same, you can see below screenshot, editor is helping at every point. I am using webstorm here. You can use any of your favorite editors.



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Getting Started with Reactive Extensions

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In Today’s section, we will talk about Rx library. Basically, Rx is a library for composing asynchronous and event based programs using observable collections. This is very useful in the cases where in you are pulling data asynchronously from different sources and then manipulating the same and finally printing the result. In these kind of scenarios, you have to write lots of glue code and off-course, these codes will be error prone as one of the sources if just throws error, then what will happen?

This way, you really need to do lots of stuff for the things working fine. Hence, Rx is answer to this kind of situation, which keeps the thing simple yet lightweight. Rx also uses LINQ query on the observable collections.

But, it would be nice to talk little about collections before starting Rx.  IEnumerables are one of the most widely used Pull Based collection which is synchronous in nature. Below is the sample snippet for the same.

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Most Valuable Professional

Hi Friends, Thanks for liking my articles and giving positive response on the same. Because of you guys, today Microsoft has awarded me with MVP Award. And, here is the mail received from Microsoft. Once again, thanks for liking my posts. See you again, till then stay tuned and Happy Coding! Thanks, Rahul Sahay Happy … Read more

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