Getting Started With ASP.NET Core

In this section, thought of getting started new series on ASP.NET Core stuffs right from the beginning. The very first thing which needs to be done here downloading the core components from  Here, you will get two options LTS(Long Term Solution) and Current. I prefer LTS as this is how it is going to be in future. The major difference which I see is Project Type System (.xproj –> .csproj) change and project.json is going away. This has been done to embrace the existing Microsoft ecosystem which is based on .csproj system.


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Dot Net Watch Tool

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In this segment, we will talk about Dot Net Watch Tool. Dotnet watch tool is a file watcher for dotnet that restarts the application when changes in the source code are detected. This is actually similar to nodemon, if you are familiar to node js, then this must be familiar to you. If you are using IIS Express then, it actually does this restart for you already. This piece is really helpful if you are running the app in console.

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Support Ending for Visual Studio 2005 on July 12th 2016

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In this blog post, I would like to share few news from Microsoft. Microsoft has officially announced that “no more support for Visual Studio 2005”. This is coming to end on 12th July 2016. Support for .NET Framework 2.0 is also ending on 12th April 2016. I would like to quote few lines from Microsoft directly. Below is the exact news.


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Config-less Hosting

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In this section, we will look at Config-Less Hosting.

WCF does not require config file. It only requires endpoint information. It does not matter which medium it is coming from. You can provide all these information from the code itself. You can get all mandatory information from some source say xml file or database to construct the endpoint. I will give the demo by simply hardcoding the same. Let us go to console hosting. Nevertheless, before making any change in code, let me just comment the config section for WCF in APP.config file. Below is the snippet in the finished state.

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C# Interactive

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In this section, we will look at the C# Interactive Coding Window. This is the new feature added in VS 2015 Update 1. This is one of the coolest experimental thing to test your snippet quickly in the editor itself. First of all, In order to open the C# interactive, you need to navigate to View –> Other Windows –> C# Interactive as shown below in the snapshot.

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