Converting existing .JS into .TS file

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Recently, I came across a project which is actually written in silverlight which means basically its a desktop app. However, there is web version of that as well there where in it works with Kendo+Jquery combination. Since, its JQuery, hence every developer has got their own way of implementation which is a pain in maintaining and scaling the project.  I discussed with my team and thought of writing the same in such a way that still the existing stack will be working and side by side; I will be pushing the same on Angular 4. Kind of monumental task as this is not greenfield project where I have the choice to choose tools of my choice.


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Getting Started with RxJs

In this section, we will get started with RXJS. So, if I start with official definition of RxJs, it says “An API for asynchronous programming with observable streams“. Here is the official site for this RXJS is just one part of its implementation. You can check its entire supported language at It supports wide variety of languages.


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Getting Started with TypeScript – Part 11

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In this section, we are going to talk about Modules. Modules, keep the code separated. In many ways, it help users to keep the code neat and clean. It’s something like we are going to keep different unit of works in different placeholders or you say in different files. By separating the code out, it enhances the productivity immensely, like test-ability and re-usability enhances immensely. This way, your code not only appears robust, but it also follows good pattern like code-of-separation and solid. Now, we explicitly declare module with the name module itself. From C# perspective, you can also think modules as equivalent to namespaces.

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Getting Started with TypeScript – Part 10

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In this section, we will see how to use third party libraries like jquery or angular or anything with TypeScript. TypeScript, provides this flexibility to use any third party libraries on the top of your TS file, using some interface. And, this interface is called Definitely Typed in TypeScript.  Here, is the URL of Definitely Typed you open the same, it will open the following page.

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