Setting Black Theme to Chrome Developer Tool

Hi Friends,

In this section, I’ll show you little trick to setup black theme to Chrome Developer Theme. Frankly speaking I am not a big fan of Visual Studio default white theme. Whether, I’m using VS or Webstorm or Code, I prefer to have black theme as my default one. I was wondering, if the same thing I could achieve with my favorite browser as well.

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Getting Started With Angular JS

 Getting Started With Angular JS Rahul Sahay All rights reserved. ISBN: 1515037681 ISBN-13: 978-1515037682   Contents   Chapter 1: Getting started Introduction, 11 MVC (Model-View-Controller), 11 Angular Architecture, 12 Angular JS advantages, 15 Comparison with JQuery, 16 Modules, 16 Pre-requisites, 18 Angular movie app review, 19 Angular skeleton project, 46 Download code, 46 Summary, 46 … Read more

Debugging with production DLL

Hi Friends, In today’s session, i will just share one of the debugging tips where in you have limited access to the box. Recently, for one requirement i promoted my code and that gets promoted to production and then tester approached me and said your change is not working. I said not possible, as i … Read more

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