Understanding Middleware in ASP.NET Core

In this section, we are going to understand new pipeline concept in ASP.NET Core which is Middleware. If you have been doing ASP.NET stuff since a while, you must be knowing that HTTP-Handlers and HTTP-Modules have always been part of ASP.NET processing structure. But, with new ASP.NET Core concept, Handlers and Modules are now history. They are no longer in use. Rather than that new Pipeline is implemented and that is called Middleware. Developers can utilize normal existing Middlewares or they can write their own custom middleware depending on the need. Below is the high level diagram of MiddleWare.


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Getting Started With ASP.NET Core

In this section, thought of getting started new series on ASP.NET Core stuffs right from the beginning. The very first thing which needs to be done here downloading the core components from http://dot.net.  Here, you will get two options LTS(Long Term Solution) and Current. I prefer LTS as this is how it is going to be in future. The major difference which I see is Project Type System (.xproj –> .csproj) change and project.json is going away. This has been done to embrace the existing Microsoft ecosystem which is based on .csproj system.


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ASP.NET Core Yeoman Generator

Hi Friends,

In this section, I will talk about my new Yeoman generator. In this Yeoman Generator, I have published ASP.NET Core scaffolding template with Angular 2 and TypeScript. This will enable developers to get started with Single Page App (SPA) development quickly. One point to note here is, this template is align with new ASP.NET Core changes where it embraces .csproj system rather than .xproj.


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Require JS – Fundamentals – Part 2

Hi Friends,

In this section, we will continue from the previous post, where in we have seen how to get started with RequireJS. In this section, we are going to look how to construct modules and how DI(Dependency Injection) works? In the last section, we were still loading JQuery using direct reference. However, we can inject the same using require as well like shown below.

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Getting Started with Require-JS -Part 1

Hi Friends,

In this section, we are going to look at one of the main parts of JavaScript components and that is RequireJS. In order to write enterprise level app, where in you end up writing tons of javascript, its really important to stick to Modularity. Every module and component should have its own meaning; its pretty much like “Single Responsibility Principle“. This way we can manage consistency, dependency across app. Everybody likes neat and clean code but very few follows the principle. I believe, it should be part of our DNA to write clean and maintainable code so that others can understand.


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ASP.NET Core Angular 2 – Starter Kit – Visual Studio 2017 Project

Hi Friends,

Thought to share the starter kit for Visual Studio 2017 RC. This starter Kit is basically for Single Page App, using ASP.NET Core, Angular 2 and bunch of other stuffs.


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