Getting Started With ASP.NET Core

In this section, thought of getting started new series on ASP.NET Core stuffs right from the beginning. The very first thing which needs to be done here downloading the core components from  Here, you will get two options LTS(Long Term Solution) and Current. I prefer LTS as this is how it is going to be in future. The major difference which I see is Project Type System (.xproj –> .csproj) change and project.json is going away. This has been done to embrace the existing Microsoft ecosystem which is based on .csproj system.


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ASP.NET Core Yeoman Generator

Hi Friends,

In this section, I will talk about my new Yeoman generator. In this Yeoman Generator, I have published ASP.NET Core scaffolding template with Angular 2 and TypeScript. This will enable developers to get started with Single Page App (SPA) development quickly. One point to note here is, this template is align with new ASP.NET Core changes where it embraces .csproj system rather than .xproj.


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ASP.NET Core Angular 2 – Starter Kit – Visual Studio 2017 Project

Hi Friends,

Thought to share the starter kit for Visual Studio 2017 RC. This starter Kit is basically for Single Page App, using ASP.NET Core, Angular 2 and bunch of other stuffs.


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Goodbye project.json, .xproj. Welcome .csproj

Hi Friends,

In this section, I thought to share new changes happened around .Net Core. With the release of ” Version:  1.0.0-preview3-004056“, Microsoft has scrapped the idea of project.json file and .xproj. You can download the updated version from the same link Let me quickly show demo around the same.


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Dot Net Watch Tool

Hi Friends,

In this segment, we will talk about Dot Net Watch Tool. Dotnet watch tool is a file watcher for dotnet that restarts the application when changes in the source code are detected. This is actually similar to nodemon, if you are familiar to node js, then this must be familiar to you. If you are using IIS Express then, it actually does this restart for you already. This piece is really helpful if you are running the app in console.

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ASP.NET Identity Including ASP.NET Core

Hi Friends,

In this section, I thought to introduce my another book on ASP.NET Identity. This is extremely important topic, which developer often skips. This book not only gives complete overview of how to get started with Identity, rather here you will learn bits and pieces about Identity in detail. Most important thing with Identity is customization and understanding usage of the same.

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Building Single Page App Using ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core and AngularJS

Hi Friends,

In this particular post, I thought to unveil my book on latest Microsoft ASP.NET Core stack in conjunction with Angular. This is basically hand-book for all those people who like to build Single Page App, right from the scratch meeting all the industry standards.


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Lazy Loading is Missing in Entity Framework 7

Hi Friends,

I thought to share my yet another experience with Entity Framework 7 where Lazy Loading is still not implemented. I was actually designing my Movie-Review API and soon after that I realized that results are unexpected, hence without wasting time, I directly checked with Microsoft. Here, is my conversation with Microsoft.

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DBSet.Find() API missing in Entity Framework Core Final RC1 Version

Hi Friends,

Recently, I was writing the infrastructure part of My Movie Review SPA app using ASP.NET Core version. Then, I landed in really weird situation where in DBSet.Find() piece is missing. This is really crucial extension method for finding the record based on the primary key. In order to find the solution, I thought it would be nice to talk to EF Guru Julie Lerman directly. Here, is what I asked her and what she replied on the same.

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